Book | Tuning the Human Biofield

Book | Tuning the Human Biofield

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  • 2015 Nautilus Silver Award Winner
  • 2018 COVR Gold Award Winner: Iconic Book
  • Best-seller on Amazon
  • Revised and Updated Edition

This book, based on an Academic Excellence Award Winning Masters Thesis, explains the complete practice of the ground breaking sound modality Biofield Tuning, previously called Sound Balancing. Eileen McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning, explains and reveals the precise locations where specific emotions, memories, ailments, and traumas are stored within the area of subtle energy which surrounds the body, otherwise known as the biofield. 

She discovered that, by providing coherent frequency to these areas of the body, the distorted vibrational sounds she was hearing not only corrected, but also imparted consistent, predictable, and sometimes immediate relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and a host of other complaints.

This book details how tuning forks can identify and clear pain & trauma stored in the biofield and how traditional principles and locations of the chakras correspond directly with the biofield discoveries. 

McKusick examines scientific research on the nature of sound and energy and explains how experiences of trauma produce “pathological oscillations” in the biofield, causing a breakdown of order, structure, and function in the body.

Offering a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory, and trauma, McKusick’s discoveries provide new avenues of healing for energy workers, massage therapists, sound healers, and those looking to overcome chronic illness and release the traumas of their past.

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