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Reboot & Recharge Audio Session Bundle

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Our Reboot & Recharge Audio Session Bundle is an excellent series to help build resiliency and to remain grounded in a challenging, electrically turbulent world. This collection has been built with the intention of allowing you to achieve a more relaxed, coherent, and flowing expression of yourself.

The following sessions are included in this bundle:

Adrenal Rhythm Reset

This series of three one-hour audio sessions provide a comprehensive adrenal support/rhythm reset. If you are chronically exhausted, have a short fuse, or trouble sleeping it is likely that your adrenal rhythm needs resetting.

Centering & Grounding

These two one-hour audio sessions focus on centering and grounding ourselves to become more resilient.

Fear, Anxiety, Worry & Panic

These three one-hour audio sessions address fear, anxiety, worry, panic, phobias, survival issues, the sympathetic nervous system, and adrenals.

The Vagus Nerve

This series contains three one-hour audio sessions in which we thoroughly explore the Vagus nerve, aiming to improve its overall function. The Vagus nerve is recognized as a key element in our physical and emotional health.

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