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FREE | 144 Electrical Strand Activation

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In this 30 minute Biofield Tuning group audio session, hosted by Eileen McKusick, Eileen will discuss each of the following points in detail while conducting the collective activation:  

The essence of this adjustment:

  • The outer edge of the human biofield consists of 12 electric bands

  • These 12 bands are comprised of 12 strands each

  • Therefore, we have 144 strands of electric potential running through us and around us that we can illuminate and amplify

  • Using the Fibonacci Pair (89Hz and 144Hz) at either end of our central channel activates this awareness and flow

  • Having conscious awareness of this potential, enables us to source that energy and reflect it into our lives, increasing light and power in our system to better manage difficult emotions and stressful circumstances.

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