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The Sundial: Ground and Relax

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In this unique audio session you will experience Eileen’s Sundial Tuning, where you will imagine yourself as a clock, your feet at 6 and your head at 12. Eileen works from each number on the ‘clock’ moving energy back into the solar plexus, both front and back.

In addition, Eileen connects your consciousness to some key points in your outer ring, inviting energy flow to the center and sonically reminding you that your existence extends far beyond your physical body. The intention is to provide a kind of gyroscopic awareness to your own center.

Intended to be listened to three days in a row, this session is infinitely repeatable. You might find this session is a go-to as part of your regular electric health routine. This tuning is potent, fresh, and multi toroidal!

Centering and soothing, The Sundial invokes that quiet, knowing place inside that we enjoy when we can routinely still our thinking mind.

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