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Get Electrically Healthy with Eileen

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 This 5-week recorded virtual course with is designed to help you raise your voltage and enter a state of radiant health and vitality.

Experience a unique combination of self-care education, coaching, and Biofield Tuning sessions from the founder of this groundbreaking sound therapy method.

Please note - this class is not part of our Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certification program. It does not train you to work on other people. This is a program solely to teach you to work on your electric health, with Eileen as your weekly teacher and tuner.

Week 1

An introduction to your Electrical System – the biofield, the biofield anatomy, and your health from an electrical perspective.

Week 2

Electric breath, voice, digestion, and relationship to your environment, including your body and your home.

Week 3

Electric relationships – understanding personal interaction from an electromagnetic perspective.

Week 4

Electric/magnetic emotions are discussed as Eileen covers how to manage, digest, and master them.

Week 5

The culminating class focuses on telling a new story and using your new energy.

Required Tools for Class (a la carte) 

The Sonic Slider™ Tuning Fork

The 528 Hz Unweighted Tuning

The Hockey Puck Activator

Recommend Tools for Class (a la carte) 

Tuning the Human Biofield

Electric Body, Electric Health

Any of the Sonic Slider Accessories:

The Tuning Fork Handle Extender

The Contour Boot

The Circuit Boot


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