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FREE | Introduction to the New 222 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

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Here at Biofield Tuning, we are very excited about the newest addition to our tuning fork family - the 222 Hz unweighted tuning fork! We'd like to share with you a new free tuning session so you can experience it.

Unlike our working forks that are designed for field combing, the 222 Hz is a BEING fork with a pleasant, soothing sound that brings you back into harmony with your true self. This tuning gently creates space to spread out into your own authentic expression.

Rather than working with dissonance, this harmonious fork resonates the illuminated space that we expand into when we rest in the truth of who we are and what it means to be human. Take 15 minutes to bloom into beingness with Eileen and the new 222 Hz, and discover its beautiful ability to bring us into presence and serenity.

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