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Energenetic Repatterning: Total Collection

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The Energenetic Repatterning Series includes nine (9) one-hour sessions sold as a bundle, as it is important to complete all 9 sessions. Energenetics is the term Eileen uses to describe the tone or song of your ancestral heritage.

Biofield Tuning reveals that many of the challenges we struggle with are actually inherited patterns. When we approach these patterns from the perspective of “me” and “mine” we struggle to resolve them because the roots are actually much deeper than our own personal psyche.

If your ancestral line has depression, anxiety, alcoholism and other forms of addiction, or a lot of trauma, and you would like to “clean up your genetic lineage”, this series will be very helpful.

Biofield Tuning helps your system to rewrite the song and change the overall tone and patterning of the stories that are encoded in your frequency signature.

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