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Tune Yourself Into Health | Oct 19 - Nov 16, 2021

Tune Yourself Into Health | Oct 19 - Nov 16, 2021

  • $295.00

5-week LIVE virtual course with Eileen McKusick
Tuesdays @ 8 - 9:30 ET | Beginning Oct 19th, 2021
1-hr Broadcast, 30-min Q&A, Total 90-min per session


(All sessions will be recorded and accessible through your digital library) Includes an exclusive Facebook Group with Eileen and 15% off select tools through the live course.  (Coupon code delivered after purchase) 


If you aren’t going out, stay in and work on yourself! Tuning forks can be used to quiet our minds, settle our emotions, and even smooth our cellulite! These tools are effective, elegant, and inspiring to use. Discover the amazing power of sound to help shift our state and our bodies! In a changing world, the certainty of self-care really is the best investment we can make. 

Become proficient using high quality sound therapy tools to support your own health and well-being! Every person of any age can benefit from adding coherent sound into their bodies and environments. In this special 5 weeks with Eileen you will learn, practice tuning, and have fun! You’ll be empowered and energized to tune yourself into health now and always.

Please note - this class is not part of our Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certification program. It does not train you or provide you with a certificate to work on other people. This is a program solely to teach you to work on you.

Over our 5 weeks together we will cover:

Week 1   Philosophy and Tools

Week 1 begins with the philosophy of self-care and the many health benefits of caring for your human animal.  You will learn about the Biofield, tuning the Biofield, and details about the tools used. Eileen will begin to instruct you on how to activate and apply weighted tuning forks. The themes of centering and grounding are central in this first session together.

  • The Philosophy of Self-Care. Boundaries and Grounding
  • Care and feeding of your human animal
  • Where does health come from
  • What is the Biofield
  • What is Biofield Tuning
  • What are the tools we use?
  • How to activate and apply a weighted fork
  • Centering and Grounding

Week 2   Intro to the Biofield Anatomy and Using a Weighted Fork

In week 2 Eileen continues teaching about how to use weighted forks with and without accessories. Focus areas include learning the language of vibration, defining the Biofield Anatomy, and an exploration of personality types and tendencies.

  • How to use a weighted fork on the body, with and without accessories
  • Understanding the language of vibration
  • What is the Biofield Anatomy?
  • How do we work with it?
  • Personality types, tendencies and patterns

Week 3   Doing an Adjustment on your own Hologram* with Unweighted Forks

In week 3 Eileen will lead everyone through an adjustment on themselves! You will learn how to determine where to work yourself, the details of field combing, what an adjustment looks and feels like, columning, closing, and aftercare.

  • How to activate and handle an unweighted fork
  • Determining where to work
  • How to do click, drag and drop, or field combing
  • What an adjustment looks and feels like
  • Columning - how and why we do it
  • Wrapping up and aftercare

  *your hologram is an imagined projection of your own body and biofield - it is just that simple and it works!

Week 4   Going Deeper - Understanding Deep Sensing

In week 4 Eileen will discuss pathways of perception, recognizing different textures and sounds encountered in the field, and the need for deep curiosity and self trust. Though expanding your practice of deep sensing, you will also practice grounding and connection to Source. This class session explores emotions and what to do with them and emphasizes the importance of self compassion, kindness, and patience. 

  • The different textures and sounds you encounter in field and what they mean
  • The different pathways of perception - how we receive and understand information
  • Trusting yourself, staying curious
  • The importance of compassion and kindness and patience
  • What to do with emotions
  • Connecting to Source

Week 5   Other Ways to Use Tuning Forks

Week 5 will consist of detailed instruction on other exciting ways to use tuning forks. Eileen will discuss space clearing, tuning plants, pets, and other people. You will learn about tuning water, landscapes, telluric currents, and even things like ideas and projects. Eileen will bring it all together and suggest continued exercises and practices to keep your environment healthy and in tune! 

  • Space clearing
  • Tuning plants & pets & other people
  • Tuning water
  • Tuning landscapes and telluric currents
  • Tuning projects


You are invited to participate in our first ever, LIVE program series on our own Biofield Tuning platform. We are excited to offer you the introductory and one time rate of $295.00!

Course Includes:
An exclusive Facebook group with Eileen 
15% discount on select tools 
A Surprise bonus from Eileen, TBA! 

Tools (a la carte):

Weighted Forks

Unweighted Forks

Additional Tools


Please note: This is a live, interactive event. For all those that purchase the live event, you will receive the recordings in your customer account digital library.  Please ensure that you purchase this product using the email address associated with your correct customer account.  This event will be sold as a recording after the live event airs.  

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