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Sing the Body Electric Workshop

Sing the Body Electric Workshop

  • $75.00

Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 10-1 pm PT/ 1-4 pm ET
Upon purchase, you will receive a second email with a PDF that will contain the link to the live call. 

Discover your electric body, get in tune with the power of your voice, and liberate your human instrument in this unique experience of resonant embodiment!

Join Electric Health & Sound Therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and internationally acclaimed musicians & voice facilitators the Brothers Koren for 3 powerfully transformative hours of tuning in, tuning up, and turning on your electric body and voice.

No prior singing or musical experience is necessary to participate and thrive in this playful and exploratory class. We will be creating a safe place for us to step into and occupy a bigger and more in tune expression of ourselves.

  • Discover the electrical nature of your body - how to tune it and charge it
  • Learn breathing techniques to empower your voice
  • Connect more deeply with, embody and sound your human instrument in new ways
  • Explore the tones and feelings of different emotions through music and voice
  • Become inspired to bring more music, movement, and vocalizing into your life!

Please note: This is a live, interactive event. For all those that purchase the live event, the recording will be added to your digital library Monday, 1/25.  Please ensure that you purchase this product using the email address associated with your correct customer account.  This event will not be sold after the live event airs.  


A letter from Eileen:
As some of you know I have been collaborating with Isaac and Thorald since August '19, when I joined them on their "Songwriter's Journey" and we embarked on an adventure to create music together. We quickly discovered that our very different separate journeys up to that point had led us to the same place - knowing the power and potential in sound and music for true embodiment and physical, mental and emotional liberation. 

What was supposed to be just a 6 month journey to create 2 songs has turned into so much more as we have discovered an incredibly fun ability to co-create powerful exercises and experiences together. We were inspired to put some of these exercises into a program called Sing the Body Electric, originally conceived as a 3 day in person experience at Omega Institute July 9-11 2021. We don't know yet if that is going to happen, but in the meantime we wanted to give you a taste of what we have been creating.

The aim of this 3 hour program is to get you more embodied and in tune with your human instrument. It isn't a singing workshop so much as it is a getting you into an interior space where singing is more free, natural and joyful, and we will do that through a series of exercises: receiving a mini Biofield Tuning session, doing mindful breathing exercises, exploring our bodies as instruments, and more.

We have created two very unique practices that are surprisingly powerful. In one, we reimagined the seed sounds of each energy center and applied them more to physical body parts than chakras. Making each of these sounds in different parts of our bodies lights up our interior space and connects us to the sounds that each part of our body can make and resonate.

In the other, we assigned different music and different sounds to different emotions - for the purpose of really connecting our consciousness to where we feel these difficult emotions in our bodies and what they sound and feel like. During the process of creating this exercise, we made some really interesting discoveries about emotions and their opposite or resolution.

For example we discovered that the resolution/opposite of hate is not love but rather acceptance. And the opposite of love is lovelessness. Frustration resolves into contentment, fear resolves into harmony, and sadness resolves into joy. Exploring these musical/feeling transitions connects us to music's ability to help us express and resolve difficult emotional states.

I hope you feel inspired to join us for this workshop! Our aim is to leave you feeling opened to a new and deeper part of yourself that is more connected to and in tune with the joyful experience of having a human instrument to play with and explore. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have to create your life and heal your body!

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