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Improving Sensual & Sexual Health - February 12th

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Tuesday February 12th - 8 pm EST

All live calls are recorded and a link to the recording is sent out immediately following the session to everyone who purchased the live call.  Upon purchasing this product you will receive a PDF, in a second email, which contains the connect information for the live call - and afterwards to the MP3 file stored online. 

I have had a lot of requests over the years to address this issue and I tend to shy away from it because I have a hard time saying words like penis and clitoris live. I know that may sound silly but I challenge you to comfortably say those words in front of hundreds of people! Haha

The thing is, for many people, the issues that we have here are no laughing matter. Physical, mental, emotional and relational blocks get in the way from many people enjoying a part of their being that was clearly created for us to enjoy.

In this session, we will work with the electrical nature of our sexual and sensual selves, seeking to remove the resistance and noise that stops us from delighting in the wonderful electrical experience of energy that being sexual and sensual brings us.