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Rewiring Our Circuitry From Trauma to Embodiment with Tuning Forks

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This two hour class with Eileen McKusick looks at how trauma lodges itself in our biofield (our body's electrical system) and what we can do to help it to heal. This is a class for anyone who works with people who have had trauma, and also for those that have had trauma themselves.

You will gain greater understanding of how to transmute these non-beneficial experiences into flowing life force and realized potential. Eileen also conducts a Biofield Tuning session with the intention to help release and integrate the trauma of participants. Learn how the body responds and how our lives change when we are able to move out of freeze and into flow.

Eileen McKusick brings to this class the experience of 26 years working with thousands of clients, 12 years of teaching hundreds of students, and her own 35 year journey of healing her own trauma. She has witnessed many people move from being stuck in pain and limiting patterns to being embodied, grounded, and empowered through the information and practices she shares in this class.

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