In-Person Workshop | Sacred Geometry | August 11, 2022

In-Person Workshop | Sacred Geometry | August 11, 2022

  • $60.00

Event Location: 382 Hercules Dr. Suite 2C |  Colchester, VT 05446
Thursday August 11th | 7 - 9 PM ET
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Join us for an amazing hands on sacred geometry adventure where we will explore the fundamental building blocks of creation; the 5 platonic solids.

Participants will be guided through step-by-step instructions and learn to draw these incredible forms. We will then show how the 5 forms elegantly nest within one another in our 2-d drawings and also with 3-d models. Our drawing template will be based on the classic 7-circle pattern called the Seed of Life that has been infused with golden ratio circles.

The Golden Circles Seed of Life will reveal a vast geometric landscape of creative possibilities and will expand our voyage together far and wide into beautiful stellated forms and into 4th and 5th dimensional sacred geometry, which we will share images of in a short presentation.

The workshop is designed to be accessible and enjoyable regardless of prior experience with sacred geometry and is an invitation to see the underlying patterns by which the world is made in New and Knew ways. This opportunity is a great way to experience and feel the centering, balancing, consciousness expanding, and circuitry connecting benefits one receives from working first hand with Sacred Geometry.

Presenter Bios:

George Leoniak's work with sacred geometry aims at evoking memories of wholeness with sacred art. His work with geometric patterns focuses on uniting science, art and spirituality. He is a passionate and patient teacher and loves to inspire others to awaken their creativity with sacred geometry. He offers apprenticeships through his website, and shares his insights and discoveries at his Knew Geometry youtube channel.

Nancy Benerofe is a massage therapist and a sacred geometer. She seeks to discover and work within the terrain where mathematics and sacred geometry meet the Healing Arts. She enjoys using the creation of sacred geometric artwork to learn about Nature and consciousness. Nancy is also a consultant for elementary school mathematics. She teaches a program called Math Through Art that she designed to make learning math concrete, visual, relevant, creative and fun.

Please note: This is a live in-person event hosted at our office at 382 Hercules Dr. Suite 2C, Colchester, VT 05446.  You MUST be able to be in the office this evening in order to participate. Any cancellations one week prior to the event will not be able to be refunded.  Please ensure that you purchase this product using the email address associated with your correct customer account so you can receive the supplies needed list. 


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