Home Study & Student Deluxe Kit

Home Study & Student Deluxe Kit

  • $399.00

Learn the basics of Biofield Tuning at home.

This Home Study & Student Deluxe Kit also contains all the tools required to take our Certification Program.

The Home Study & Student Deluxe Kit contains:

  • Tuning the Human Biofield Book
  • Instructional Video series with 3 hours and 40 minutes of instruction from Eileen McKusick. These videos are online and available to stream. 
  • 5 Tuning Forks (created and designed especially for Biofield Tuning). Unweighted: 174Hz, 417Hz, and 528Hz. Weighted: 54.81Hz and 62.64 Hz
  • A mini laminated Biofield Anatomy Map, front and back
  • Hockey puck activator
  • Neutral acrylic pendulum
  • Sturdy box for storage

If you're not ready to commit a full kit, see our selection of individual tuning forks.

Note: this kit does not contain the Sonic Slider.  Click here to order the Sonic Slider.