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From Trauma to Embodiment Part 2

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This two-hour class with Eileen McKusick takes a deeper look at how trauma lodges itself in our biofield (our body's electrical system) and what we can do to help it to heal. This is a series for anyone who works with people who have had trauma, and for those that have had trauma themselves. 

Because of the depth and the breadth of this topic and student responses after the first class, it was clear that another class on this theme was in order.
EIleen demonstrates how she has learned to use both weighted and unweighted tuning forks in her 27 years of clinical practice to reduce pain, settle anxiety, calm the mind, open the breath, and more. These are simple, practical, and effective inputs to help mitigate both immediate and long term trauma.

This approach helps people move from being stuck in pain and discomfort to greater freedom and empowerment, and can be applied on self, friends and family and in clinical practice.

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