Deluxe ToolKit

Deluxe ToolKit

  • $390.00

This toolkit contains all the tools used in Biofield Tuning:

All five tuning forks


54.81 Hz
62.64 Hz
These are used individually or in a pair both on the body and in the biofield.


174 Hz
417 Hz
528 Hz

These are used to comb through the biofield. We think of the lower frequency like a wide tooth comb and the higher frequencies as a fine tooth comb. Comb first with wide, then with fine. The two higher frequencies are interchangable and people like to be able to choose one or the other.

Note: we don't work with specific forks for specific chakras anymore.

A hockey puck activator

Instructional DVD via Vimeo

Lots of great info here to get you started treating a wide range of issues, including working on the back, working on yourself, treating pain, anxiety, and much more. Over 200 minutes of instruction.

A mini laminated Biofield Anatomy Map, front and back

An easy reference card so you can identify the distortions you find in a person's field, or the trigger/pain points they have on their body. This map is the result of 20+ years of research into the language of the body and the biofield.

A neutral acrylic pendulum

This little tool has become an important staple of Biofield Tuning - we use it to determine our "best angle of approach" for each session. Give it a little toss over feet, knees and each chakra to see what it does. Circle: no need to work there; Line: needs work; complete stop: really needs work. Check the sides of each center if you get a line or a stop to see which side to work on.

"Tuning the Human Biofield" (book)

If you already have a copy, this makes a great gift for someone else!

The kit comes in a sturdy and attractive cardboard box to keep everything in - makes a great gift for the healer in your life!


Doing the home study course does not qualify you to start a stand alone Biofield Tuning practice. This information is provided so you can integrate the forks into an existing professional practice or to get started practicing before you attend a Biofield Tuning training.