Deep Cleaning the Back Energy Centers

Deep Cleaning the Back Energy Centers

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In these three, one hour Biofield Tuning audio sessions we focus on cleaning and strengthening our back energy centers, making us more ready, willing and able to receive.

In the Biofield Anatomy, these relate to:

Root: our home and how comfortable and secure and pleasing it is to us, supports decluttering and finishing projects

Sacral: old issues related to money and intimate relationships, low back pain, sacral instability, opening to more pleasure, personal power and cash flow

Solar Plexus: opening to receiving more support, from self and others. Good for people who take care of everyone and everything but need to allow themselves to be supported more

Heart: opening to receiving more love, enabling us to give and receive love more freely, with a more open heart

Throat: opening to inspiration, and trusting ourselves and our voice and what we have to say, share, and create

Third Eye: opening to our intuition, our knowing, also reducing eye strain

Crown: opening to being in right relationship with time, more connected to nature

Also, general back pain/discomfort