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Deep Cleaning the Physical Heart: Part 2

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Single one hour session  |  Thursday May 17  |  8pm Eastern
Connect info is in a PDF download that you will receive with your purchase receipt. A reminder with this info will be sent 2 hours before the event begins. Recordings are sent out immediately after the session ends.

After doing Part 1 of this on May 1, I felt like I was digesting it for days, and it seems like a  Part 2 is in order. This session will revisit the physical heart and take it to the next level.

In this series of two one-hour sessions, we explore the issues and challenges of the heart, including its overall health and function, as well as our tendency to protect our heart through tension in the left shoulder/upper back. We will consider the entire circulatory system in addition to touching on our capacity to give and receive love, to ourselves and others.

We recommend listening to Part 1 before proceeding to Part 2. 

If you haven’t done Part 1 yet, you can access the recording of that here.