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Anchoring Balance & Electromagnetic Equilibrium

  • $20.00

Please Note: This session is hosted by Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Andrew McIlrath.


In this one hour Biofield Tuning audio session, hosted by Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner Andrew McIlrath, we will be activating and introducing coherence to 8 points in the biofield.

Like a gyroscope, we initiate an energetic balance where these three vectors meet in the Solar Plexus. The first four in the central axis along the length of our bodies include the; Earth Star, Sun Star, Deep Earth Star, and High Sun Star. This first vector opening can feel very expansive and opening. Then the two points along the width of our abdomen to balance the center; the Mother and Father zones that connect with both ancestral and collective patterns. Finally, we initiate flow from back to front, that supports divine will through the expression of your own personal power, identity, and integrity. 

We will activate and tune the following 8 points within your energetic body:

Central axis – This often feels very expansive and opening

  1. Earth Star chakra – Negative polarity drawing down (your personal grounding spot)
  2. Sun Star chakra – Positive polarity sending down (your connection to the divine)
  3. Deep Earth star – Positive polarity sending up (collective and ancient connections to the Earth)
  4. High Sun star  – Negative polarity drawing up (galactic and cosmic connections, big consciousness)

Balancing your center – Connected both to ancestral and collective patterns

  1. Mother Zone – Matrilineal information, broadly divine ‘feminine’ or passive force
  2. Father Zone  - Patrilineal information, broadly divine ‘masculine’ or active force

Solar plexus  - Front and back – Activating the flow of our personal power, identity, and will

  1. Receiving anchor in the back – Where we draw in support generating our inner light
  2. Transmitting anchor in the front – Where our will and intentions meet the external world
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