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Activating the Rainbow Light Body | July 2

Activating the Rainbow Light Body | July 2

  • $20.00

This session will air on July 2nd, at 8 pm EST.

Upon purchase you will receive a second email with a PDF which will contain the link to the live call.  You may use the same link to access your recording of this session after the calls air.  

Please Note: This session is hosted by Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Andrew McIlrath


Rainbows are associated cross-culturally with bridges, transformation, diversity, luck, hope, integration, and serpents. They are recognized as the very gateway between Earth and Sky. In this one hour Biofield Tuning audio session, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Andrew McIlrath, will use large stones to represent the corresponding energy centers and work with the spectrum to bring the whole body into healthy expression. 

While each of the seven chakras commonly has a singular color associated with it, it is important to remember that they all have the capacity for the brilliance of the entire spectrum. By connecting them to one another in a flow state, we will engage this potentiality and allow our energy centers to fully awaken.

In this session, Andrew will utilize the Fibonacci tuning forks, (89hz and 144hz,) directly on stones with the intention to initiate coherence, followed by collumning the back and front chakras to invite the flow from support to expression in each chakra.

Finally, we invite you to expand your awareness as he uses a weighted tuning fork in a wave motion to reflect the ebb and flow of movement from the root to the crown, like the dance of energy throughout the body.