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Biofield Tuning Virtual Sessions are akin to attending group Biofield Tuning session, but in this case either our founder, Eileen McKusick, or one of her seasoned senior practitioners, conducts the session remotely and recipients participate from wherever they choose to listen. 

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Recorded Video Sessions

A Note From Our Founder Eileen Day McKusick

Virtual Biofield Tuning Sessions came into being in 2015, when my in-person sound therapy practice in Johnson, Vermont, became too busy for me to manage.

After experimenting with giving Biofield Tuning sessions via phone to individuals and groups and getting very positive feedback, I began to regularly offer live "conference call" sessions to groups of people who would call in individually at the same time and listen to my voice via their speaker phones/computers.

Now, years later, you can experience the benefits of a Virtual Biofield Tuning sessions in via Virtual Audio and Video Biofield Tuning Sessions

If I didn't know how effective these virtual sessions can be, I would be dubious. It sounds pretty out there - "tuning fork healing from a distance".

However, the people who have been able to get past the absurdity of the concept and the occasional poor sound quality of some of the older recorded audio sessions, keep coming back because these sessions produce results.

(Virtual Audio and Video Biofield Tuning Sessions can come in various lengths ranging from one hour to multiple sessions bundled under one theme.  

Regardless of the sound quality, many people report that the more they listen, the more benefits they derive. We do suggest waiting three days or so between sessions as they can be potent and in some cases create a detox response).

To learn more, watch a video about the Audio Session process.  Or click here to experience the "Overcoming Overwhelm" audio session for free.

I hope you enjoy our Audio Sessions and find them helpful!

--  Eileen  --

Contraindications: Please note that if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have active cancer or have had a major concussion in the last three months, Biofield Tuning is not recommended for you.  See a full list of contraindications here.