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417 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

  • $59.00

The 417 Hz fork is one step above the 528 in the Solfeggio set. 

The 417 Hz tuning fork is optional in the Biofield Tuning practice. It is included in the Deluxe Toolkit but not the Basic Toolkit.  This fork can be used in place of or along with the 528 fork. Sometimes when in tension, the 528 can sound screechy. The 417 doesn't have this quality - it is a little easier on the ears - but it doesn't have the crystalline brilliance that the 528 has.

Our unweighted tuning forks are precision crafted and manufactured in America from a superior alloy to regular tuning forks. They have been specially designed and created to stand up to the sound balancing process which puts forks in distortion and creates stress on them. They are more expensive than other forks but will last longer and will maintain their coherence and integrity which is essential for effectiveness in sound balancing.  They also create a clearer, brighter and longer lasting tone than other tuning forks.  

See our high quality Canadian hockey pucks which we suggest you use as an activator for all of our tuning forks.