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The Ultimate Gift

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This lovingly packed bundle is sure to wow the healer or tuning enthusiast on your list. Ready right out of the box, this beautiful, beneficial set makes a lasting and thoughtful gift. Please note, this is a limited quantity item that we expect to sell out quickly.

To purchase the roll-up of your choosing please use the variant drop-down tool above and add the correct material and color to your cart. 

The Ultimate Gift includes:

Handcrafted Roll Up

An elegant, functional piece of art that holds all of your favorite tools! Choice of leather or felted. Our Tuning Fork Roll-Ups neatly organize and protect your Biofield Tuning tools. Crafted with care and constructed with reinforced stitching, these carriers are made to last!

Each roll-up is designed to hold six tuning forks and includes specialty pockets for your Hockey Puck Activator, Pendulum, and a few smaller additional accessories.

*Due to the high quality of the leather used, each roll-up will have slight variations in color and texture.  Some of the roll-ups have internal numerical stamps of authenticity from the tannery. These stamps represent the high quality of leather that the roll-ups are made of. This is viewed as a "beauty mark" enhancing the handmade nature of the piece, rather than a flaw.    

* To preserve the longevity of this item, we recommend periodically treating the leather with a leather cleaner/conditioner. 

The 174 Hz 

The primary tool used in Biofield Tuning. 174 Hz is an ideal frequency for the technique of “field combing” because of its ability to provide useful feedback with the wide range of overtones it emits.


The 528 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

The 528 Hz tuning fork is the secondary tool used in Biofield Tuning. When using the technique of field combing, it is generally applied after the 174 Hz tuning fork. This fork has a bright and uplifting quality which is best used for polishing and refining.


The 417 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

The 417 Hz fork can be used in place of or along with the 528 fork. When in tension, the 528 fork can sometimes emit a screechy sound. The 417 doesn't have this quality and can be a little easier on the ears. However, it doesn't have the crystalline brilliance of the 528 Hz.

The Schumann Pair:

The 54.81 Hz and the 62.64 Hz Weighted Tuning Forks 

These forks are based on the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz), the natural background pulse of the earth's electrical signal.

Individually these forks comprise the 7th and 8th harmonic of this important frequency. Used together they create a binaural beat of 7.83 Hz that can be applied to the body via the handles or listened to in either ear. The Schumann pair resonate with the electromagnetic pulse of the earth. These forks support alignment of our own electrical resonance with this grounding pulse.

The Sonic Slider

The Sonic Slider is a custom-made weighted tuning fork, designed by Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick, that harnesses the power of therapeutic sound to help you look and feel younger and healthier. The frequency of the Sonic Slider, 93.96 Hz, is remarkable for its ability to produce noticeable changes quickly.


Hockey Puck Activator

A high-quality, Canadian hockey puck is the best way to activate an unweighted tuning fork for use in sound therapy.

Acrylic Pendulum

These simple acrylic balls are the recommended pendulums for use in Biofield Tuning.


The Ultimate Gift is sure to delight!


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