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The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork + Contour Boot

  • $95.00
  • $19 Off Regular Price

Sonic  Slider | The Sonic Slider is a revolutionary, custom-made weighted tuning fork that harnesses the power of therapeutic sound, helping you feel and look younger and healthier.

Users report a wide range of profound benefits, including an increase of energy, greater well-being, weight loss, enhanced muscle tone, smoother skin, reduced pain, improved circulation, improved digestion and more. And unlike other micro-current beauty devices, cellular stimulation is delivered through our tuning forks with no batteries, which means no artificial electromagnetic fields.

Contour Boot | With a simple, polished design, the Contour Boot (measuring 1"x1"x1") is a stainless steel accessory that attaches easily to almost any weighted tuning fork, fastening securely with a small inset screw to the base of the handle. (2 screws and Allen wrench included)  

Few things feel more luxurious than gliding the smooth surface of this boot across your face or any other area of your body. As the facial skin itself is directly connected to our muscles, the application of vibration on the face invigorates the muscle, resulting in a revitalized appearance. By providing targeted mechanical stimulation, you can dramatically increase your skin's ability to absorb any of your favorite serums or lotions. 

Click here to learn more about the Sonic Slider and see some before and after pics!