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From Lack to Abundance Audio Session Bundle

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Audio Sessions are also available for download.

Many of us become stuck in negative beliefs about abundance & money, and these views can form tight patterns in our fields.  This series of audio sessions intend to remove the stories of lack from our subconscious and instead provide a path to connect with money and prosperity in a healthy, natural, positive way. The From Lack to Abundance Audio Session Bundles includes the following sessions:

Increasing Prosperity & Abundance  Parts 1, 2 & 3 ($80)

This series is not about helping you to become rich quickly, but rather to awaken your own expansiveness and profusion, and the absolute and riotous abundance of nature and the universe itself.

When we open to this awareness, we notice that abundance naturally starts to flow our way. Participants have reported improved interpersonal relationships, an increase in clients, surprise gifts of all sorts, new opportunities, and a greater appreciation of life - themselves and of others in general.

Improving Relationship with Money ($20)

Money is a large source of stress for many people. Stress has been scientifically proven to be the number one cause of illness. Clearly, it makes sense to do what we can to heal our stress around money!

I have discovered that many people have what I call “mind viruses” when it comes to money that stops them from having a healthy relationship with it. These mind viruses tend to keep us stuck in lack and judgment, and can be reprogrammed to help us see money in a new light, change our perspective on it, and enjoy a healthier and happier relationship moving forward.

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